All our new arrivals are quarantined for a minimum of 2 weeks and often for as long as 6 weeks in tanks/ponds exceeding 3400 Lt.

Our quarantine procedure includes, but is not limited to;

  • The newly landed fish are brought to our quarantine facility from their source/airport immediately and are acclimatised for as long as is deemed necessary.
  • New arrivals are split between quarantine ponds, this ensures that the ponds are not over-stocked. This also ensures that new arrivals have enough space and are not overcrowded, as overcrowding leads to stress.
  • Running a powerful aerator, a well matured filter system and UV sterilisers 24-hours a day, 7 days a week for all quarantine ponds.
  • Ponds are covered with weighted nets to ensure that skittish fish do not attempt escape, and in doing so, potentially damaging themselves.
  • Quarantine ponds are individually separated and filtered independantly to ensure that any chance of potential cross-contamination is highly unlikely.
  • All equipment such as nets and bowls are sterilised daily to ensure that no harmful pathogens come into contact with the new arrivals, as well as preventing potential cross-contamination.
  • Quarantine pond temperature is constantly monitored to ensure that water temperature is kept constant.
  • If Koi were to be kept alone, they become stressed more easily. So Koi are quarantined in groups as they are schooling and sociable animals.
  • Minimal feeding of high quality food 3 - 5 days after arrival, depending on their appetites. All uneaten food is removed immediately.
  • Fish that arrive sick (a rare occurance) are immediately treated in a medicine bath, before being quarantined the longest to ensure that they recover fully - often for as long as 2 months (approximately 8 weeks). Salt baths are often used as a first resort.
  • Accumulating debris and faeces are constantly removed to ensure pristine water quality at all times.


Our preffered variety quarantine container. If you are looking to install a quarantine pond of your own, you can contact us today to enquire about the correct quarantine container for your specific needs.

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