Following Japanese examples and recipes, Koialami World of Koi has designed its own high quality warm weather formulation.

Tired of paying an arm and a leg for expensive food for your Koi? Need cost-effective and high quality food that will enhance growth and colour? Try Koialami Warm Weather Formula Koi food today - high quality koi food to fit your budget! Available in multiple pellet, bucket and bag sizes.


Besides our own, highly popular Koi food formula, we stock the following quality products:


Hikari Economy, Friend and Balance -

Imported from Japan. Hikari Koi foods are considered to be the leading entry level koi food brand in the world, these flagship Koi foods by Hikari are the ideal foods for aspiring champion Koi and the Koi keeper looking for a food to help their fish enhance their colours and grow faster, better. Available in multiple pellet and bag sizes.


Saki-Hikari Growth Diet, Colour Enhancing Diet and Balance -

The intent behind the Saki-Hikari range of Koi foods is to provide a nutritional package that would help koi breeders in Japan raise koi that were bigger, more colourful and better conditioned than previously possible without negatively impacting water quality or the overall health of their koi. What makes Saki-Hikari unique is the inclusion of beneficial living microorganisms (probiotics) that offers many benefits most other high-end Koi  foods cannot. The food that has fed many an All-Japan Koi Show champion, available for the serious Koi collector at Koialami in multiple pellet and bag sizes.


Qualikoi Growth and Colouring formula -

Great quality and good value, Qualikoi is imported from Taiwan, one of the world's largest exporters of koi food. Offering a variety of ingredients, pellet and bag sizes, Qualikoi is ideal for all levels of koi hobbyist.