Pond Water Management


 A good example of a 'correctly' but minimally, plumbed pond suitable for fish.

It is often said that "you don't keep koi, you keep water" and if you get your water quality right the koi will thrive and provide you with endless hours of pleasure. Conversely, if your water quality is poor for extended periods then the health of your koi will certainly suffer. 

Good water quality starts with optimal filtration which, combined with sensible stocking rates, will allow you to manage your pond water effectively without having to committed hours of frustration to "chasing water quality"! When your labour of love becomes just a labour chances are your filtration system is not appropriate for your pond set up - If the problem is the way the pond was actually buit, then contact us! We do pond builds, pond refurbishment as well as tailored maintenance solutions.

At Koialami we stock all your pond water management needs!